About Us

Feed Israel Foundation was founded by academicians and social activists who are attuned to the daily struggles of the underprivileged population in Israel. Our goal is to support organizations which institute wide spread and long-term reform to improve the current grave crisis of poverty and ultimately eradicate it entirely from the country. Our continuing activities are varied and manifold. Feed Israel Foundation supports efforts by other organizations such as Mikhol Halev and Feed Israel, to implement immediate short and long term crisis relief initiates. Feed Israel Foundation also supports public education and awareness programs pertaining to the nature of the state of poverty and hunger in Israel, and its detrimental effect on society.

Feed Israel’s work is based on hard discovery and findings collected from extensive studies conducted in relation to the state of affairs of poverty and hunger in Israel. Thorough research and in-depth analyses of the statistical data produced startling results. This has also been the compelling motivation for the various diverse, unique projects continuously being created and implemented, as Feed Israel advocates on behalf of the poor, educates the general population, and satiates those that are hungry.

Feed Israel is committed to becoming the central umbrella association representing all the underprivileged in Israel, as well as aiding all other charitable organizations who are involved in the relief of hunger and poverty in Israel. Feed Israel works tirelessly to be active and influential with a broad vision of ensuring that every community even in far flung corners of the country is adequately addressed, and that absolutely NO INDIVIDUAL will ever go to bed hungry!