Job Training Seminars

Feed Israel acknowledges that the cycle and perpetuation of poverty will not end until impoverished individuals gain access to employment opportunities, and are trained accordingly to maintain these jobs, Feed Israel Foundation supports “Back To Work” discussion panels, informational sessions, and training seminars, in poverty stricken communities, to provide leadership, direction, and the development of skills necessary to succeed in the work force.  Feed Israel’s “Back to Work” seminars are highly attended.  To date, these seminars have drawn over 5,700 active participants nationwide. In this regard, Feed Israel facilitates the means for self-improvement, effectively alleviating the cycle of poverty, while simultaneously restoring the pride of so many underprivileged individuals, who otherwise do not have the knowledge, prowess, or ability to make a living on their own.

Public Awareness and General Education

Through the funding of diverse educational projects, which include lectures and community discussion panels, Feed Israel enlightens the public about the issues which arise as a direct result of poverty, thereby raising awareness of related social issues (such as increased crime rates, unemployment, etc.) often directly correlated to poverty. Additionally, Feed Israel partners with families in financially distressed communities and hosts fun filled, light-hearted educational events for the entire family (such as carnivals and catered meals), at which trained Feed Israel volunteers use the opportunity lecture on the importance of good nutrition.

School Programming and Children’s Nutrition Education Integration

Feed Israel Foundation supports in-school and after-school programs geared toward educating Israeli children about the value and need for proper nutrition. Feed Israel works to integrate a nutrition curriculum into the Israeli school systems. Feed Israel understands that most Israeli children from poorer communities have little or no access to proper nutritious food, nor any education/information regarding what actually constitutes healthful nutrition. The in-classroom workshops are interactive and integrate nutrition concepts into the regular school curriculum. Healthy fruit and vegetable snacks are also provided at these seminars, usually purposefully conducted at the school lunch hour, to allow for the distribution of sandwiches, ensuring that the children have at least one healthy meal that day. Over 3 million sandwiches have been handed out as part of Feed Israel’s nutrition education initiatives.

Community Educational Projects and Events

Working together with the municipalities under the direction of the supervisor of the Department of Welfare and Social Services, Feed Israel selects areas where reported cases of hunger and malnutrition exist. Feed Israel sponsors events to rescue hundreds of needy families from starvation by training them about issues of food security, health, and the significance of a healthy diet in the continuing physical and emotional development of children. Additionally, Feed Israel sponsors community-wide events such as tree and garden planting ceremonies, which teach participants about proper nutrition and the benefits of a healthy diet regimen.

National Volunteer Education Projects

Feed Israel volunteers are recruited nationwide from the ranks of the army, police, students, and regular citizens to assist Feed Israel’s work. They undergo extensive training workshops to learn how to teach and empower others to eat healthy and spread nutrition education. Hundreds of volunteers continuously answer the call for volunteer work to help transition many of Israel’s poor families to a lifestyle where eating healthy is essential, and a general understanding of the importance of nutrition is established.

Educational Summer Programs

Designed to offset their yearlong education while providing relief and supervision, Feed Israel Foundation supports exciting summer camp programs to children of terror victims, most of who suffer from acute financial distress. The children are given an enjoyable summer experience, meeting other kids who suffer from similar distress, while all their needs are provided for in a safe, fun-filled environment. The camps feature educational opportunities concerning healthy nutrition, and the children learn skills necessary to help them develop their potential, enabling them to obtain jobs in the future, and maintain the emotional, physical and social capabilities of providing for their families.