Know the Facts

A Closer Look:

The following factual information is based on research and comprehensive studies conducted by municipal authorities in Israel:

Over 1,200,000 people in Israel currently live below the poverty line. Of these 660,000 are children.

82% of the population, in spite of the help they receive from aid organizations, still struggle to put food on their table to feed their families, with thousands of people experiencing severe hunger!

• Due to the lack of food security, many individuals and families are unable to lead a balanced and structured life and cannot function normally on a day-to-day basis and maintain positive social interactions. They become susceptible to depression and other mental and emotional health-related problems. These people experience much higher levels of stress than normal. Often this leads to the use of illegal substances and to engage in criminal activity to survive!

•  Due to the shame associated with poverty, many people in dire need conceal their true situation from others, making it almost impossible for help organizations or Government to identify and support those who are truly needy.

• Due to the stark reality that there are still so many people in Israel without sustenance, (which is clearly evident from the results of the extensive research listed above), Feed Israel Foundation ACTS! We believe that the desired change can only come about from speaking out and taking action. We support services for everyone in need, and all sectors of the population (religious, secular, children, adults, immigrants, etc.) making no distinction based on race or gender.